Rocket men


The basic mechanics of Rocket Men for slot machine are based around a simple 5-reel video slot machine. Every spin of the reels means that you will be adding money to the pool and trying to cover as much distance as possible between your initial choice and a specific location on the reels. The winnings on each line do not fluctuate much, so the amount of wins that you can accumulate over the course of many gaming sessions does not vary much either. What Rocket Men instead is known for is its consistent payouts, even at lower payouts. Even with draws that feature very low payouts, the consistent money that you can accumulate throughout the course of many gaming sessions is impressive. With a win every 18 spins or so, you can easily rack up more than a few hundred dollars in a single session.

There are a number of different factors that make up the Rocket Men slot machine that contributes to its consistent payouts, but it all revolves around the game’s various bonus features. All of the various bonus features work to either help you build up your bankroll or prevent you from losing it. While you can’t help the random number generator gives you specific numbers to expect, you can use the specific bonuses offered in the game to either get you to the payouts early or prevent you from losing money at all. Here is a closer look at the various bonus features found in the game and how they work.

The first section of Rocket Men has the powerful leaders feature. This is where all the powerful leaders from the different slots in the game will come together and place their icons on the board in order to form a cluster. These leaders include the Big Ticket, Big Money, Dong Gui, and the Hairy Hoof slots. What happens here is that these powerful leaders will rotate around the board, trying to collect the maximum amount of slot money in the shortest amount of time, so you can be sure that the odds are stacked heavily in their favor.

The second section of the bonus features works with what is called the Symbol lands feature. Here, certain symbols will be shown on the screen depending on which slot you are currently playing. The symbols are shown on the lower half of the screen in blue, red, and green, and the upper half in cyan. When you place your icon on the screen, it will change into one of these colors. There are only six total symbols, but each symbol is used to take you from one level of play to another, and will also rotate around the board.

The third section of the feature symbols involves the wilds option. When you use the Wilds option, you will be given the ability to randomly select a symbol from a list of symbols that are already on the board. This feature works in a very similar way to the nukes option found in the previous section, where you are given a single free slot that can be filled with a random symbol from any of the slot machines on the board. You will need to make sure that you have the right number of coins in front of you when you use the wilds option, because if you do not, you will have a very difficult time getting your icons onto the board.

The last part of the Rocket Men slot machine requires that you know how to use the reels. This is actually the easiest part of the game, since all you really have to know how to do is identify which symbol is located where on the reels. Simply locate a symbol with the circular design on the top, and then move your mouse over it to see what it will do. For example, if the symbol was on the rightmost reel, you would wind your reels around until you hit the bottom of the reel. Once you hit the bottom, that symbol will change into a number, and the number will be random, allowing you to access more symbols on the left and right reels.


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