Kronos, the son of Zeus and the god of the sky is once again on the loose. Facing off against Hercules in an epic battle, will you be the victor or loser of this casino game? This highly addictive online game gives you the opportunity to pit your wits against the might of the Greek God. Will you be the first one to bring down the legendary creature and claim the prize? Or will you succumb to the might and dominance of the much feared Kronos?

For those who are not familiar with the story of Kronos, here is a quick introduction. The Greek mythology depicts Kronos as a giant, winged, and dangerous monster. The god of the sky is said to have created this huge god of chaos and destruction in order to quell the Trojan War. In Greek legend, Kronos swallowed all the souls of the conquered nations when he refused to open the gates of hell. Now all those who oppose the Greek will face the might of this powerful being who commands the winds, the sea and the sky.

In real life, the mighty creature that resides upon the Golden Throne is none other than Santa Claus. When you place a bid on the Kronos slot machine, it will not just be a chance to win some free coins and items; it will be the crowning glory of a lifetime. If you choose to play the Kronos casino game you can either get the chance to sit on the throne itself or you can conquer all that is possible on that very same spot. With such power backing up this amazing title, you can't possibly fail!


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