Biggest Loser: Three People Who Lost a Lot in Casinos

Biggest Loser Three People Who Lost a Lot in Casinos

Nobody wants to lose in a casino game. However, many forget that the house has a higher edge at winning. While losing is a normal thing in casinos, some players cannot accept their fate. They end up risking more and losing everything they have or could be called the biggest loser in a casino game.

What is the worst part? Some players take it too personally that they destroy properties or make some scene in the casino. If you want us to drop some names, this article will relay their stories.


#1. Harry Kakavas

Biggest Loser #1

Biggest loser #1. Many billionaires get bored once they have more money to spare. They start looking for other means where they can double their wealth while having fun. Harry found gambling as an excellent source of entertainment. Rumors say that he bets more than 300,000 dollars in an Australian casino.

While this real estate developer is lucky in building homes, casinos are not his best buddy. He chased every loss he had and even went to Las Vegas and Macau to try his luck. He lost 164 million dollars in a single game. What was the ending? He spent most of his life suing these casinos after losing billions. Unfortunately, he did not win any case.


#2. Akio Kashiwagi

Biggest Loser #2

Biggest loser #2. His story is quite morbid. In 1992, 150 stabs killed Akio Kashiwagi without any trace of his murderers.

While his tragic death is a mystery, this real estate investor is a high roller gambler. He can spend 24 hours playing in a casino betting 100,000 at each table.

However, this man has many opponents. He owed a lot to big names and companies in the casino industry. He lost a

total of $19 million before he kissed goodbye to earth.


#3. Terrace Watanabe

Biggest Loser #3

Biggest loser #3. After 20 years of keeping Oriental Trading at the top ranks of decors and toy business, Terrace sold his company and relaxed on some of the finest casino resorts.

Watanabe spends days and nights gambling away his fortune until he lost $120 million in 2007.

When he came to his senses, he countersued Caesars’ Palace for giving him drugs so that he will keep on playing. While the court accepted his side of the story, he could not run away from his debts. After his sweet business success, he now spends his money paying what he owes.


Bottom Line

Playing in a casino will always have a good and bad return. It will not always bring happiness to players, particularly if their stars are not aligning. May the stories of these fallen men serve as a lesson to you as an aspiring gambler.

Risking money is tempting and easy, but taking them back is quite tricky. If you want to keep your actions in check, you must be very careful about the amounts that you are gambling.

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