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The B.I.S. Special Collection

Page 1 ~ Clock, Bridge, Tower.

Page 2 ~ Mountain, Moon, Skyscraper.

The B.I.S. Special Collection

A unique collection of special merchandise, designed exclusively for the B.I.S. Shop. Carefully hand crafted from only the finest natural and man-made materials. This collection cannot be found in any other store! The B.I.S. logo is your guarantee of quality.

The B.I.S. Gift Collection

Page 1 ~ Earrings, Beer, Blanket.

Page 2 ~ Moneyclip, Leather Cushions, T-shirt.

Page 3 ~ Mug, Belt Buckle, Bag.

The B.I.S. Gift Collection

Ordinary items of extraordinary quality, your loved ones will be delighted to receive these gifts on any occasion! Ask about our free but non-existant gift-wrapping service.

Clearance Corner

Page 1 ~ Handbag, Lamp, Another Lamp, Cushion.

Page 2 ~ Blue Whale, The B.I.S. Navy, Go-Faster Stripe.

Page 3 ~ Ashtray, Another Ashtray, Yet Another Ashtray, Suprise Item.

Clearance Corner

You'll find bargains galore here!! All the rubbish we've previously been unable to get rid of, and all at knock-down, bargain-basement prices. Don't make us make Emma sew the Zongibou logo on them and sell them even cheaper - buy them now!!!!

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