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The BIS Mountain

Knit your own mountain

We will provide wool made from the finest belly button lint, and all the necessary patterns and equipment for you to knit yourself a piece of American history - Mount Rushmore. You may have had problems before finding the correct colour belly button lint to complete such an ambitous project, however, our buyers specialise in bringing only the best quality lint from the farthest corners of the world to your doorstep. Suitable for children and grannies alike. With the simple instructions provided this project can be completed in less than 2 hours.

Just 254 B.I.S. Credits!!!

The BIS Moon

The B.I.S. Moon

No, not a picture of UKBankerBoy showing off his bum, but an actual moon made from genuine green cheese! This moon comes with it's own craters and detatchable monolith - a great ice breaker to take along to parties! Also good to bring on seaside holidays or use to change the tides in your neighbourhood. It's the most versatile item in our store.

Snap one up today at 995 B.I.S. Credits

The BIS Skyscraper

The B.I.S. Skyscraper

Handmade from wool recycled from the unclaimed old socks found in the B.I.S. laundry, this exact, full size copy of the Empire State building comes with the added bonus of it's own fully operational zeppelin (also made from old socks). Imagine the fun your children will have playing King Kong on this building. Imagine the fun you will have buzzing them in your zeppelin.

5821 B.I.S. Credits.
Have a water cannon fitted to the zeppelin for only 150 Credits more!


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