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The BIS Mug

The B.I.S. Mug

Perfect for that first cup of tea in the morning. And still perfect for your cocoa before bed (we do recommend washing it between uses). Only the best china is used to maintain heat retention on those cold winter days and nights. Exactly the right size to allow your Hob Nobs to be dunked without crushing them first (and making a mess in the process). This is absolutely one of the very best bargains to be found anywhere in our shop.

Introductory offer: 9 B.I.S. Credits.

The BIS Buckle

The B.I.S. Buckle

Ideal for putting on your belt. Remember belts are excellent devices for holding your trousers up, potentially saving you from great embarrassment. Those who don't care about embarrassment could use it as a hair clip.

Only 11 B.I.S. Credits!

The BIS Duffle Bag

The B.I.S. Duffle Bag

Great for carrying stuff around. Includes zip! And handles too!!! The go-faster stripes are velcro attachments that you can detach and affix onto the sides of your exercise shorts. Think of the improvement to your finish time whilst running those marathons!!! Treadmills will smoke!!!

Yours for 29 B.I.S. Credits.


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