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The BIS Money Clip

The B.I.S. Money Clip

Pure gold, pure class, perfect aerodynamics. This exclusive B.I.S. money clip, designed by bankers for bankers, is the perfect money holding accessory. Guaranteed to last a lifetime.

Will you have any money left to put in it? 1800 B.I.S. Credits.

A BIS Elk Hide Cushion

A B.I.S. Elk Hide Cushion

A beautiful real hide cushion, branded with the B.I.S. logo. We commissioned one of the world's foremost elk artists to capture the splendor and majesty of this magnificent beast. The hide used has been recycled from one of Emma's trademark outfits. Yes! That's right, it has previously spent many hours pressed against her smooth, firm yet yielding, cool yet warm, soft, silken, sensuous skin. This is the closest you may ever get to snuggling up to the lady herself.

Just 61 B.I.S. Credits!

Another BIS Elk Hide Cushion

Another B.I.S. Elk Hide Cushion

A bit like the one above, but at the same time, different. We are confident you will get many hours of pleasure from what is sure to become a much sought after collectors' item amongst wildlife themed cushion aficionados. Remember that the hide used for Emma's outfits is especially supple and strong, as it has to be when she practices martial arts. This hide has spent its life pressed tightly against Emma's lightly perspiring, damp skin as she engages in her work-outs, before being streched tautly across her heaving bosom as she winds down afterwards. Ideal for those would-be Steeds amongst you.

56 B.I.S. Credits!
Special Offer: Buy the pair of elk hide cushions for only 125 B.I.S. Credits!!

The BIS T-shirt

The B.I.S. T-shirt

Show the world that you're proud to be associated with the B.I.S. All our garments are 100% natural polyester.

A snip at 11 B.I.S. Credits.
Sizes avaiable: Petite, Medium, Large, X-Large and Konishki


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