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The BIS Earring Collection

The B.I.S. Earring Collection

Made from 18 carat gold and set with the finest man-made gems money can buy at any local gem & mineral fair. There is a pair of B.I.S earrings for every occasion. Buy a pair now for that special lady, or very odd gentleman, in your life.

From 56 to 375 B.I.S. Credits

BIS Beer

B.I.S. Beer

After a hard day invading what the troopers really need is a good pint of best bitter. Now you can enjoy genuine B.I.S. beer too! Made from the finest hops and water drawn from the B.I.S. well. We won't go into where that well is and will be. Enjoy!!! This ale will reach parts that other beers don't. MHowel taste tests each and every batch. We sure do wish he could rise from the last tasting and get ready for the next one.

3 B.I.S. Credits per pint!

The BIS Blanket

The B.I.S. Blanket

Just the thing to keep you warm on those cold & lonely nights on guard duty. Each blanket comes with a certificate of authenticity guaranteeing that all wool used in making yours comes from Dolly, the B.I.S. sheep, signed by Ezlington, Dolly's <ahem> friend.

Just 17 B.I.S. Credits


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