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The BIS Gold Ashtray

The B.I.S. Gold Ashtray

A stunningly beautiful golden ashtray that would grace any smoker's coffee table. Visitors will be unable to take their eyes away from the clean lines and simple design of this piece.

Get yours now for only 32 B.I.S. Credits.

The BIS Square Glass Ashtray

The B.I.S. Square Glass Ashtray

A timeless design, subtly updated to incorporate the B.I.S. logo, this ashtray deserves pride of place on your mantlepiece.

An unbelievable bargain at 19 B.I.S. Credits!!!!

The BIS Round Glass Ashtray

The B.I.S. Round Glass Ashtray

This ashtray has a lovely rounded design, and is totally dishwasher-safe!! You don't really believe that do you? Oh, heck, how did I get dragged into writing this guff? I never wanted to do it you know, I was once a comedy script writer for the BBC, I wrote a sketch for the Benny Hill show, but the work dried up after the 'Margaret Thatcher - Love child of Winston Churchill and the Queen Mother?' documentary I wrote. Why can't people take a joke? Anyway, now I write captions for stupid internet shopping sites to pay the bills. Life's a bitch.

Only 17 B.I.S. Credits!!
B.I.S Credits? What are those? I'd better bloody get paid in real money!!

The BIS Black Round Ashtray

The B.I.S. Black Round Ashtray

Did you notice it said 'Suprise Item' on the main shop page? I hope you didn't fall for it, they're just trying to shift all these ashtrays. I think they must have stolen them from pubs.

How does 7 B.I.S. Credits sound?


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