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The BIS Blue Whale

The B.I.S. Blue Whale

Unfortunatley due to shortage of space we have to let our remaining Blue Whale go. Much loved by the troopers, there will be tears in their eyes when he leaves H.Q. We will only let him go to a good home.

Free to a good home.

The BIS Navy

The B.I.S. Navy

Since we've taken delivery of our new battleship, the good ship B.I.S. Hearts&Minds, our old boat is surplus to requirements. We had a problem getting all our seamen in her at once, but there are endless uses that such a fine vessel could be put to. Think of the fun you would have if purchased along with the B.I.S. Moon!! The boat and tides are yours to play with.

Only 171 B.I.S. Credits!!

The BIS Go-Faster Stripe

A satisfied customer
A satisfied customer shows off his B.I.S go-faster stripe.

The B.I.S. Go-Faster Stripe

This is no ordinary go-faster stripe that just makes your car look cool!! (though it does that as well). This stripe is scientifically proven to make you go faster! In independent tests¹ the blue whale you see here² achieved speeds of more than 300 m.p.h. when fitted with the B.I.S. go-faster stripe.

Only 9 B.I.S. Credits per linear foot.

¹ tests were conducted by dropping the whale from a 'plane at an altitude of 10,000 feet, tragically the pilot mistook Berkshire for the Artic Ocean.
² pictured before the test.


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