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The BIS Handbag

The B.I.S. Handbag

We don't know where this came from, but we'd really appreciate it if someone took it off our hands. Made from unidentified brown material, it looks like a leftover from someone's 1970's school sewing project. A ideal gift for that Aunty who always buys you white socks for Christmas.

A pitiful 1 B.I.S. Credit, and we'll pay the shipping costs too!

A BIS Lamp

A B.I.S. Lamp

A state of the art (in 1972) lamp. Fully adjustable with 2 settings ('On' and 'Off'). Lightbulb not included.

Only 14 B.I.S. Credits!!

Another BIS Lamp

Another B.I.S. Lamp

What can we say about this lamp? Apart from 'even worse than the last one'?

Not at all a bargain at 10 B.I.S. Credits!!

An Embroidered Cushion

An Embroidered Cushion

Another abandoned school project by the look of it, or maybe Emma gave too many pairs of white socks to her nephews this Christmas. You could always let the cat sleep on it!

Going cheap for only 5 B.I.S. Credits!!


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