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If you don't know what earth sciences are then you will by the end of the quiz! All the questions are about things like geology, oceangraphy and meteorology, and that sort of stuff (except maybe one, which is tangentially connected, sort of).

What is plate tectonics?
An argument over who does the washing up
A theory explaining continental drift
A type of electro-dance music, popular in the 1980s
A Royal Doulton collectors' edition plate

Where would you find the pedosphere?
Above your head
Inside your head
Under your feet
In the cupboard under the sink

Which of these metallic elements are magnetic?
Aluminium and copper
Cobalt and nickel
Lead and platinum
Titanium and palladium

A syzygy is...?
A situation where three celestial bodies are positioned along a straight line
The association of two protozoa end-to-end or laterally for the purpose of asexual exchange of genetic material
The shortest English word with three y's
All of the above

The oldest known mine, Lion Cave, some 43,000 years old, is in which modern day country?
South Africa

What is limnology the study of?
Shell fish
Pine cones
Rivers and lakes

Which map did Sir Francis Galton invent in 1863?
The weather map
The London Underground map
The AA Road Altas of Great Britain and Ireland
A map of erogenous zones

What is a kettle lake?
A place for campers to wash after tea
A lake in the shape of a tea kettle
A feature formed by receding glaciers
A deep hot spring located in the tropics

How many carats of diamonds are mined each year?
130 million
50 million
4 million
650 thousand

What was the name of the first sucessful weather satellite, launched on April 1st 1960?

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