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The 2006 EzNews Quiz

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Do you remember what happened in 2006? Did you read Ez's daily news posts? All of them? I hope you were taking notes! All the questions are from stories in Ez's daily news posts.
Back, by popular request, with, yet again, the same blurb, but different questions (and answers), and too many commas in a sentence, it's the 2006 B.I. EzNews Quiz!!

Good luck!

In January, a UK hotel chain listed the items most often left behind in their hotel rooms. What were the top 3?
Toiletries, mobile phones, and false teeth
Cash/Credit cards, keys, and clothing items
Mobile phones and chargers, clothing items, and toiletries
Hen/Stag night accessories, mobile phones and chargers, and laptops

In February, police in Bosnia hunting a 'professional' burglar were surprised to discover what?
The burglar was an 11-year-old schoolgirl
The burglar was the local chief of police
The burglar was a stray dog
The burglar was the wife of the arresting officer

In March, Czech firm Expolsia took legal action against which popstar to prevent them using their "Semtex" trademark?
Paul McCartney
Britney Spears

In April, Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards injured himself falling out of a tree. What type of tree?
An oak tree
A banana tree
A coconut tree
An apple tree

In May, a New Zealand mountianeer became the first double amputee to reach the summit of Mount Everest. Which two limbs were missing?
Both legs
Both arms
Right leg, left arm
Left leg, right arm

In June, the world's largest cruise ship set sail from Miami. What is her name?
Home of the Free
First Lady of the Seas
Oceans of Liberty
Freedom of the Seas

In July, Houdini the Burmese python gave his owner a shock after swallowing what?
8 cans of CocaCola, including cans
An electric blanket
A car's alternator
A laptop computer

In August, a book aimed at teenagers described cross-country running as a form of physical abuse.

In September, experts warned mothers-to-be that they risked their unborn child developing what debilitating condition if the didn't get enough vitamin E?
Heart disease

In October, Nowegian scientists discovered what on a remote part of Spitzbergen?
A lot of prehistoric, giant sea-reptile fossils
A new oil field
A small rabbit like mammal, called a Svalt, previously though to have died out 150 years ago
Evidence of inhabitation from more than 5000 years ago

In November, people called Jones flocked to the Millennium Centre in Cardiff to attempt to break the record for the largest gathering of people with the same surname. How many showed up?

In December, a survey claimed that what percentage of websites didn't provide even the minimum levels of accessibility?

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