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The 2005 EzNews Quiz

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Do you remember what happened in 2005? Did you read Ez's daily news posts? All of them? I hope you were taking notes! All the questions are from stories in Ez's daily news posts.
Back, by popular request, with the same blurb, but different questions (and answers), it's the 2005 B.I. EzNews Quiz!!

Good luck!

In January, the BBC received a record number of complaints before a televised version of a West End musical was even shown. Which musical was it?
Mamma Mia!
Mary Poppins
Jerry Springer: The Opera
Anything by Andrew Lloyd Webber

In February, a Scottish woman used Ebay to sell advertising space on her 42G breasts. True or false?

In March, a Danish radio station ran a competition which they later had to apologise for. What did they encourage their listeners to do?
Squelch a cream cake over the head of a member of staff in a bakery
Throw an egg at a local councillor
Put condoms over car exhaust pipes
Ignore all red traffic signals on a particular day

In April, Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales, married Camilla Parker Bowles at the Guildhall in Windsor. By what title is Camilla known?
The Princess of Wales
The Duchess of Lancaster
The Princess of Scotland
The Duchess of Cornwall

In May, a new species of rodent was discovered in Laos in south-east Asia. Exactly where was it discovered?
In a tourist's handbag
On a market food stall
In a box of novelty key rings
Inside a barrel of local wine

In June, who came top of Forbes magazine's most powerful celebrity list?
Tiger Woods
Mel Gibson
George Lucas
Oprah Winfrey

In July, Britain won the right to host the 2012 Olympic games. Who did they beat in the final round of voting?
New York

In August, a Swedish library began offering loans of what?
People, such as a journalist, a Muslim woman and an iman
Pornographic videos and DVDs
Laptop computers
Clothes, to allow people to live some of the characters in their favourite novel

In September, what happened to Mr & Mrs Worth's, of Okehampton, Devon, cat?
It stowed away on board a train and was found in Glasgow
It crashed Mr Worth's new car
It's fur turned pink
It had kittens, even though the Worth's had thought it to be male

In October, police arrested a man in Darlington, South Carolina after finding the man hangiong naked from the ceiling of a cash advance business. What reason did the man give for being there?
He said he was trying to find his keys which someone had thrown onto the roof
He said he was sleep walking
He said he thought he'd left his clothes in the business on a visit earlier that day and he was trying to find them
He said he owned the business and was hiding to scare any burglars

In November, speciality soda maker, Jones Soda offered a selection of unusually flavoured sodas as part of a special holiday pack. Which one of these flavours was NOT part of the pack?
Turkey and gravy
Wild herb stuffing
Brussels sprout
Roast yam and peanut butter

In December, Microsoft's new games console was launched on the UK market, what is the console's name?
CubeBox II
Xbox 360
PlayWindows ZP
GamesBrick IV

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