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The 2003 EzNews Quiz

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Do you remember what happened in 2003? Did you read Ez's daily news posts? All of them? I hope you were taking notes! All the questions are from stories in Ez's daily news posts.
It's the 2003 B.I. EzNews Quiz!!

Good luck!

In January, what was described as "one of the most difficult issues to have faced (British) politics in a century"?
Tony Blair's new haircut
Whether to allow the French Prime Minister to sit next to the Queen at a state banquet or not
Reform of the House of Lords
Car parking charges at the Houses of Parliament

In February, independant brewers, George Gale & Co, were told off by the Advertising Standards Authority for claiming their beer included what?
Vitamins and nutrients

In New York in March why was a fish in the news?
It hit George W Bush in the face after being thrown by an anti-war protestor, during a visit to the city
It warned that the world was about to end
It was instrumental in the discovery by scientists that fish can fart
It was the fossil of a previously unknown pre-historic species of fish, found in 400 million year-old rocks in Central Park

In April, 18 year old Australian, Natasha Ryan, was found hiding in her boyfriend's wardrobe in the small town of Rockhampton near Brisbane. Her family had thought her dead, but how long had she been missing for?
5 months
1 year, 9 months
2 years, 4 months
4 years, 8 months

In May, what was blamed for costing home improvement and gardening enthusiasts millions of pounds?
Projects that were too ambitious and never got finished
Having to pay a professional to come and do the job properly
Lack of reading and writing skills

In June, worldwide production of the original Volkswagen Beetle finally came to an end. In which country were the final cars built?

In July, Russian and Japanese scientists announced they were hoping to clone which extinct animal?
Wooly mammoth
Sabre-toothed tiger
Tyrannosaurus Rex

How long did a 70 mile train journey from Hampshire to London take in August?
5 hours
7 hours
9 hours
11 hours

In September, how did Charles D McKinley travel from New York to Texas?
He walked there
He rode a unicycle there
He rode there on the roofs of trains
He mailed himself there

In October, which sandwich filling was voted as the best in a UK poll?
Cheese and pickle
Banana with cinnamon
Bacon and brie
Prawn and smoked salmon

In November, what were the city authorities in Moscow considering banning in public places?
Drinking alcohol

Which country hosted the Miss World beauty pageant in December?

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