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Name: UKjo

A.K.A: UKjo, #*@(#*$!&@*&*

Rank: Special Forces.

Serial #: 12562129

Distinguishing Features: The inability keep sand out of his radio.

Notes: UKjo is a B.I.S. special agent in 'deep cover' in enemy territory. He can often be found hiding in the dunes down 'the shore', with just a pair of camouflaged goggles and breathing straw sticking out. He frequently has problems with having sand in his radio and communications with him are filled with static. Claims that he hides in the dunes to spy on only the enemy of the female persuasion are without foundation. Or so he has been known to say. Back at H.Q. UKjo can be found hoisting a few in the lounge with codey whilst discussing such manly topics as polar bears, sticky buns and all types of scores.

Bonus UKjo testing his equipment

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