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Name: TangerineKeith

A.K.A: TK, The Doctor, The Old Man

Rank: Major.

Serial #: 17146156

Distinguishing Features: His enthusiasm for numbering angels dancing on the point of a needle.

First Place His winning competition caption entry!

Notes: Our own TK's enthusiasm concerning Military Intelligence is totally amazing, being that intelligence and military used in the same sentence seem to be a contradiction in terms. His best covert ops are performed in cricket mode. His favourite snap is this one taken on the field of play. TangerineKeith tosses while BigBunk plays pocket billiards in front of an excitable crowd, whilst in the background, codeyBaseball examines his stumps! Thus TK (otherwise known as "The Doctor"), prescribes tangerines to all B.I troopers whatever the ailment, and they recover to wellness in no time flat. His current project is to develop a portable surveillance system by numbering angels dancing on the point of a needle. His fondest memory of his greatest athletic achievement is being the three-legged race champion, Layton primary School 1957. We applaud his devotion to the B.I.S.S. and his contributions to H.Q.

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