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Second Lieutenant Jo

Name: Second Lieutenant Jo

A.K.A: Jo

Rank: Second Lieutenant.

Serial #: 14388313

Distinguishing Features: Welcomes each new trooper with her special smile.

Notes: Jo is one of the best troopers around. She is an exceptional Second Lieutenant who rises above and beyond the call of duty. Jo is one of the steadfast pillars of B.I.S. headquarters and does her share to keep our base friendly and inviting. You can see her dancing with Heinz at the B.I.S. Remembrance Ball.
She is the first and only trooper who has risen so rapidly up the ranks. From Sapper to Second Lieutenant in a year's time!!! Hoorah for Jo and her B.I.S. manoeuvres!!! We can hardly wait to see where she shall be next year in the Squadron.

Bonus A just-developed snap of Jo tending the B.I.S. garden!

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