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RSM Ciggs

Name: Regimental Sergeant Major Ciggs

A.K.A: Ciggs, Ciggles

Rank: RSM.

Serial #: 12788611

Distinguishing Features: Her beautiful B.I.S. Gold Earrings

Ciggles beautiful B.I.S. Earrings

First Place See her winning competition caption entries!
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Notes: RSM Ciggs can be counted on to show new recruits the ropes. She usually does this under cover of night and behind the garden shed using the finest quality rope. Ciggles was not only the first trooper to inquire on our very special line of B.I.S. merchandising, to be found at B.I.S. Shop, but also the first to purchase the beautiful B.I.S. gold logo earrings which she wears to all the balls she attends. We like to think of her as our Super Duper Trooper. Ciggs also holds the disctinction of winning the very first B.I.S. Caption Competition, see the great care she takes of her much sought after, and valuable prize.

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