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The Officers

The Officers

These fine people have risen through the ranks of the B.I.S., proving their leadership skills time after time. None of them have beards. Ogle the officers

The Other Ranks

The heart and soul of the Squadron. Always ready to be called to action and lay down their doppels for the cause. Beards are optional. Review the ranks

The Other Ranks

Friendly Forces

Friendly Forces

A mixed bag of the Squadrons friends, support staff and other associates. Facial hair status: Unknown, it is rumoured that they are all entirely bald. Follow the friends

The Doppels

When the doppels were cast out of the land of TMF during the great St Valentine's Day Massacre they had nowhere to go. A fortunate few were guided by their owners to be taken care of in the B.I.S. retirement home for gentledoppels. Be warned before you go in; there are some doppels in there who may not really be doppels at all, and some who are almost certainly not who they claim to be. All their beards are made from noodles. Visit the doppels

The Doppel retirement home

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