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Name: MizBlue

A.K.A: Mizzie, Blue, Kizzee Mizzie.

Rank: Unranked.

Serial #: 12372026

Distinguishing Features: Blue Star - the only one at TMF, invisible during normal operations. The most prolific author at TMF, the first to reach 25,000 posts.

Medals and Awards: The 20K Blue Star.
Winner of the very first B.I.S. Scavenger Hunt.

Miscellaneous: MizBlue has her very own CD, Knight Flights.
Click to find out more about Knight Flights "A magical sound picture of the story of a soul's journey in life and love".


First Place Her winning competition caption entry!

Bonus Miz 'twinkle toes' Blue delights the watching masses.

Nurse Mizzie bears it with Ez
Nurse Mizzie bravely bears all whilst nursing Ez after his first foolicide.

Notes: Mizzie is known for bringing her decorating and wrecking crews to B.I.S. H.Q. in order to keep the base in tip-top shape. She is co-hostess for all the B.I.S. Balls and sews the costumes for many of them. Her lemon meringue pies are nonpareil and delight all troopers who drop by the mess tent for a slice (or in codey's case, two). She is our Hostess with the Mostest and luved by all troopers.

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