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Name: DennisGraf

A.K.A: Lord Graf, B.I.S. Minstrel, DG.

Rank: Resident Heralder.

Serial #: 17292454

Distinguishing Features: His Mellifluous Singing Voice.

Dennis' special link

Lord Graf

Notes: Our resident heralder, who is also in the minstral business, is one of our most friendliest of forces. You can visit the cast and crew of B.I.S.'s current blockbuster in the making of Where's My Herald?, which is based on his life struggles in the business. He is is often found wandering the corridors of B.I. whilst strumming and singing 'Fly Me To The Moon'. This would explain his interest in obtaining a working Saturn V Rocket. Any and all enquiries for his purchase of one can be directed toward this site where you can also see photos of his darling Natasha!

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