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Sapper Iccy

Name: Sapper Iccy or maybe Sapper Iccy or possibly Sapper Iccy

A.K.A: Sorry, we can't list them all, we only have 100mb of free space.

Rank: Sapper.

Serial #: 12438277

Distinguishing Features: Depends.

Notes: Iccy is the greatest convert operator in the B.I.S. From his base in the Smokies he masterminds undercover operations. Being founder of the Hearts & Minds™ campaign picks him out as one of the greatest tacticians since William the Conquerer said to his favourite archer, "I bet you can't hit old Harold in the eye from here, and the bowman, Sapper d'iccy, replied, "Right or left, sah?".

Bonus Never before seen picture of iccy with his sax.

Iccy greets his old pal Sapper H
Iccy greets his old pal Sapper H.
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