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Name: Mrs E Peel

A.K.A: Emma, Ems, Emse, Imma and other typos.

Rank: General.

Serial #: 13091109

Distinguishing Features: Petite.

Medals and Awards: The 20K Blue Star.

Mrs E Peel

Notes: Emma can often be found helping Moneypenny prepare orders ready for Colonel Lawrence's signature. She is a excellent soldier to have by your side should you find yourself alone and facing danger in the field. Back at base she keeps the other troopers happy by holding their balls, and providing them with tea and treats such as crumpets, breads and her lovely buns. She is not a banana.
View a snap of her and MizBlue hosting this year's Holiday Ball.

Bonus See Emma toast her muffins for the troopers.

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