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Colonel Lawrence

Name: Colonel Lawrence

A.K.A: Colonel L, Larry, JHR, L.

Rank: Colonel, the Officer Commanding.

Serial #: 12718073

Distinguishing Features: Likes wearing sheets and wrapping his head in them.

First Place His winning caption entries!!! The First one for Competition 3 and the Second one for Competition 7 and the Third one for Competition 9!!!
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Notes: We would like to have a a secret personnel report here but can't since there isn't one available for public perusal. Nonetheless, we would like to point out how our Col. L. is quite handy with his women and the camels but we aren't sure how in regards to which, so we can't comment on that either. Several outstanding abilities regarding our dear C.O. that we can honestly comment on is his legendary talent to lead the troopers to amazonian feats, to rise to all occasions with elegance and style, and to settle disputes amongst troopers whilst teaching us good will toward all men.

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