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Name: codetyke

A.K.A: codey, codesmith, kscodey, codefusion

Rank: General.

Serial #: 12354048

Distinguishing Features: The natural ability to confuse anyone without the slightest effort on his part

Medals and Awards: The 20K Blue Star.

Notes: King Sized codey (a general of the common troopers) skillfully escorted Gold Star Thread to her 5K golden post. A brilliant strategist who rouses troopers into action (occasionally in the wrong direction) and who is always willing to offer advice, edit posts and welcome new troopers to B.I.S. H.Q. He has the reputation of being the fastest google in the northeast. codey can usually be found in the lounge flirting with the women and with a pint of Old Speckled Hen held firmly in hand.

Bonus See codey having a beer and frolic about with some of his doppels. A special pic too!

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