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Name: BigBunkler

A.K.A: BigBunk, BB.

Rank: General.

Serial #: 14818779

Distinguishing Features: Long, lanky and playful.

Playful BigBunk

Notes: BigBunkler is the officer in charge of our map room. He carefully places the pins to mark each and every trooper's deep covert op position. Occasionally one pin is topped by another. He never has indicated which trooper is on the top and which on the bottom. He is known to help out in the kitchen instucting various staff, including General Codesmith, on the proper operating system of the B.I.S. dishwasher. His hobbies include a brisk 4 mile walk about the grounds each morning, taking snaps of lorries rumbling down the dusty highways and his stamp collecting (which he playfully calls POSTage). Now if only someone could get him to stop dropping those boomers and waking Heinz from his night sleep.

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