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Author: ColonelLawrence Message #: 33945
Subject: New Invasion Rules

Given the grave concern from Gunnar and to ameliorate the unfortunate position that GMS has found itself in (see below), with immediate effect new stricter laws are to be instituted regarding all BIS invasions.

     1. No invasion may take place without the approval of at
        least one BIS trooper.
     2. Invasion targets must be limited to : 
        i.   Boards that like it 
        ii.  Boards where it would be funny
        iii. Boards where they won't notice
        iv.  Boards where a landmark is available
        v.   Boards where they deserve it
        vi.  Boards containing the pompous and/or arrogant
        vii. Boards with funny names
        ix.  Foreign Boards (especially if nasty to Heinz or Yoda)
        x.   Other Boards where deemed appropriate by BIS
3. An attack may only continue for as long as it takes to have the maximum fun or achieve another strategic BIS objective (e.g. see BIS Strategy 2000-2222)
4. If a friend of BIS or a BIS trooper is under attack invasion is mandatory.
5. If Gunnar has posted on the Board it is compulsory to attack at some time (ideally night).
6. Boards that use English incorrectly should be encouraged to learn the Queens lingua franca.
7. Boards that are offensive or distasteful; unkind to animals, children or women will be either 'corrected' or sent to Coventry (for a whole weekend).
8. Whilst attacking the highest British ideals will always be displayed prominently
9. If asked to stop attacking we will always consider the request
10. We will not knowingly offend reasonable people (defined by the standard of the Penge Double Decker customer)

"However I believe the Strategy changed awhile ago to the "Hearts and Minds" Campaign which codey,in particular,has succesfully undertaken ....

"In that case, I stand corrected. My only concern was the animosity towards some of the entertainment boards which has been noticeable lately. GMS under attack...

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This was originally posted to the British Invasion message board of The Motley Fool. Since all the message boards of The Motley Fool (US) are now only available to subscribers we have brought the post here to preserve the integrity of the FAQ. We apologise for any incovenience caused.

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