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Author: ColonelLawrence Message #: 33363
Subject: Most Valuable Post Of All Time

There has been much disagreement about what is the Most Valuable Post Of All Time?
Is it a landmark (e.g. 1, or 1000, or 33333), or the start of a great Thread (The Longest ...., War & Peace, Ballad of Reading Gaol, Thomas the Tank ... etc.), or perhaps some ascii art (Tigger or Pooh or Blue?), or maybe a kind thought (e.g. to America on 7th April or Mizzie to BIS) that makes the greatest post?

For all time this argument shall cease, desist, end, be no more, finish, conclude, stop, halt, be over, terminate, finish, pack it up!

For on the British Invasion Board the greatest post is always:

The Next One

Without the next post all our history, wit and cameraderie would become as valuable as an unread history book.
Look to the future
Ever onward, upward, outward ...............
but never backward.

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This was originally posted to the British Invasion message board of The Motley Fool. Since all the message boards of The Motley Fool (US) are now only available to subscribers we have brought the post here to preserve the integrity of the FAQ. We apologise for any incovenience caused.

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