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Author: ColonelLawrence Message #: 18628
Subject: Re: Introduction - Part 2

I was actually looking for a FAQ on your board, but since I can't seem to find one, looks like I'm going to post nonetheless.

Are there any special requirements here to post? Do I need to be British? Do relatives count? Does it help that I love Typhoo Tea, scones with clotted cream and mint sauce (not necessarily all at one sitting)? Just checking as I would not want to post and offend anyone here. Bad enough that they allowed me to stay on the GMS Board. Cheers!


...happily locating new boards to post on since the day before yesterday...

Atten'shun CaveGirl,
I am Colonel Lawrence
Commanding Officer
(or as HeadLouse likes to refer to me
Officer Commanding)
The British Invasion Squadron.

The first thing to learn is that you will not find a list of rules and regulations on this board.
The 'Queens Regulations' are automatic with posters that remain here for long.
Essentially you can come for as long as you want, say whatever you want and I don't believe anyone has ever been PP'd.
Well Lord Howell gets personally p'd, but we pretend not to notice.
The worst that can happen to you here is that you get sent to Coventry, or slightly worse Newcastle.
I only know of one person who was sent to Coventry and they refused go and one who voluntarily went to Newcastle and has been regretting it ever since!
Rather than have a rule book we work on 'common' rules (like common law) and everything is judged based upon the views of the man who rides around Clapham Common all day on the Penge double decker.
One practise (not rule) that most members observe is the 3 r's.
We Rec., Read and Rite responses to almost everything.
You have to be really 'weird' or on the board alone not to get rec'd.
Everyone (except HL) has a strict rank, that means absolutely nothing.
Most have a nickname; Piel is Pat, Mrs Peel, Moneypenny and HL's bit of stuff (that last one was a joke!! very sorry Pat).
I would guess that the most popular indigenous member (no you don't HAVE to be British, although it sometimes helps comprehension) is Sapper iccy who funnily enough was the first chap you met (over on GMS). His fame comes from posting all of 'The Ballad of Reading Goal' and then all of 'War & Peace' for the infamous 7th April Victory.
Everyone also likes MizBlue (Mizzie) our champion immigrant poster and cake baker and generally allround nice person.
HeadLouse (HeadLice last week, Eslington a few months back) is our resident creative.
Yes you may read whatever you like into that!
I can't mention everyone, but somewhere (anyone know where) we have the Panto list and the Roll Call?
Look out for RSM Ciggles (ciggs really, but iccy thinks the extra 'le' makes her more feminine.
Then there is codey (codesmith the codebreaker), Kiss me Kate, Ascalon (Sword Wielding Dragon Slayer).
Recent overseas vistors have included EdMaurus and WRG (WorldRecordGuy).
We battle with some (e.g. GMS) but generally get on pretty well.
JoelSenior broke a non-proliferation pact recently and thus got sent to Coventry (but refused to go).
If you like 'The Ballad of Reading Goal', then more British poetry is on the Oscar Wildness Board.
You may like my original 'Thomas The Tank Engine Goes To London' (a real tear jerker).
Hope this all helps a little.
Post some stuff - see what happens.
Colonel Lawrence
BIS and BISS (sssh! the Secret Squadron)
(Larry or L. to his friends)

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This was originally posted to the British Invasion message board of The Motley Fool. Since all the message boards of The Motley Fool (US) are now only available to subscribers we have brought the post here to preserve the integrity of the FAQ. We apologise for any incovenience caused.

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