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The B.I.S. Balls 2002

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The B.I.S. Balls

The B.I.S. Balls will be held throughout the year, to entertain and relax the troops after their arduous duties. Emma and MizBlue will be your host for each of the 2002 balls. Please carefully read the details of each ball, in order to ensure appropriate dress. We hope to see you there, remember it's a free bar!!

Barber Ball

The codey Gets His Hair Cut Ball
A special one-day affair.
Hair theme (you've got to figure this out for yourselves-- discuss).
The featured song is Hair.
In honour of the occasion Colonel Lawrence will parade the B.I.S. elephant on the parade grounds. Mizzie is baking something so special for the troopers, she won't announce what it is until the day before the ball. codey is having a toupee made from the cuttings and it will be displayed appropriately in the trophy room until needed.


Stop the presses & Press the Stoppers!!!!
Another Ball has unexpectedly been brought forward!!!
Postman bring me the news!!!!
The Valentine Ball have been rescheduled to begin 12th February as soon as the day begins!
Due to changes beyond our control the many loved doppels will now reside only in the heart of the great and good of the B.I.S.S. H.Q. The ball is being expanded to allow these troopers time to move and settle into their assigned shoeboxes. The Guestbook will be used by them to post important notices as they live their lives beside the eternal flame. Moneypenny we will visit often and think of you even more. Webby what will we do without you!

The Valentine Ball

The Valentine Ball
A one-day Ball to be held on 14th February.
Hearts and Cupids dress theme.
The featured song is Love Shack.
Long and cross bows to be left in the armory. The troopers are always looking for extra reason to flirt and frolic about H.Q. and anywhere else they may be. Watch out Major Handsome! Mizzie will be along with kizzies for everyone. bitstrange might be willing to show off a different pair of her undies.


St. Patrick's Day Ball

St. Patrick's Day Ball
A one-day Ball to be held 17 March.
Shamrocks and kissing the Blarney Stone theme.
The featured song is I'm Looking Over a Four Leaf Clover.
Green bagles for breakfast and Shepherd's Pie with green mash for tea. Ciggs will be issued specially designed B.I.S. earrings to wear for this ball. Come and dance a jig with the troopers.
Kate, BabyInvader and PunkPanther are to place lots of pillows by Lord MHowel to attempt to keep him propped in the corner for this ball.


The April Fool and Birthday Bash Ball

The April Fool and Birthday Bash Ball
A full week of merriment beginning 31 March.
Jokes and pratfalls theme.
The featured song is Calling In Sick Today.
Come and see the antics of the troopers as they play and tease. Policy will be to encourage, edits and both bad and practical jokes for this week ONLY!* Ez and Whambam have volunteered to do their pratfalls throughout this week.
*Note to codey & UKBB: Edits are only OK this ONE week.
As it is the B.I.S. 2nd birthday this week, we will be serving birthday cake on the days noted. The featured song for those days is The British Grenadiers.
3rd April to celebrate the birthday of our board.
4th April to celebrate the first post to this board.


The Maypole Ball

The Maypole Ball
Another special one-day event on the 1st of May.
Ribbons, Flowers and Pole theme.
Featured song is The Lusty Month of May.
A lovely spring day expected and the troops will be volunteered for Morris and Maypoll dancing. Sign up sheets are on the canteen door. Flowered head wreaths to be made and handed out by Bbritts, Jo and Gold Star Thread. DOW2000 to help out where necessary and back up wherever needed.
(I daresay this year's Maypoll Ball will be popular again).
Theme to be again that lusty time of year when wearing lesser is better.


The Queen's Golden Jubilee Ball

The Queen's Golden Jubilee Ball
Our first Long Weekend Ball from 1 to 4 June.
Fireworks and activities all weekend long! Sparklers and glow bracelets to be available to all troopers and attendees. Jo will supply lovely Devon cream for the scones at tea. Heinz is in charge of the champagne (as usual). MrsEPeel to bake a special crown cake decorated with plenty of freshly made whipped cream and strawberries. Lots of gold balls are to shimmer about H.Q. to ensure a festive atmosphere.
RedBaron, Tigerman & bitstrange to stage an aerial tactical flight demonstration.
UKBB, crocc, BigBunkler, ciggs & Obviousman scheduled to be on the parade grounds to demonstrate unique and unusual, never before seen, moneyclip manoeuvres. Come and watch them toss their clips!
Theme to be a festive celebration.
Featured song is I Married a Mermaid.


The Allotment Ball

The Special Allotment Ball
Another special one-day celebration 6 July.
Come and join Ez as he tends the H.Q. garden with Jo. Be astounded at the length and breadth of his carrots and cucumbers! Be amazed of her melons and cherries! They have promised to teach us their unique squeezing and touching techniques which ensures the desired juices and size of produce will be handpicked at the peak moment of ripeness. Come with hands and mouths ready for action.
It is noted ciggs, DOW2000, SapperH, Colonel Lawrence, SirGuestie and codey are in the queue already.
Fruits, vegetables and flowers are the theme for today.
Featured song is Call Any Vegetable.


The Yorkshire Holiday Ball

Yorkshire Holiday Ball
A one-day 1 August event!
Featured song is On Ilkla Moor baht'at.
To honour Yorkshire Day we will have SapperH lead the gang on a sunrise walk thru the dales. A visit to Wensleydale Creamery for a nice visit with Gromit and Wallace will follow.
codey will be sure to make plenty of mushy peas, Yorkshire pudding and curd tarts for tea.


The Vicar and Tarts Ball

The Vicar and Tarts Ball
A one-day ball to be held 7 September.
Everyone is to dress as a vicar or a tart. No, we don't care which type of either you dress as. Be inventive and original. Perhaps a tarty vicar might do.
Featured song is Lola.
Quite frankly this wasn't my idea for a B.I.S. ball but I was told they are quite popular on soaps and sitcoms and we should do one this year. I really don't care who shows up at this ball as I don't see the point in it. Someone with with any ideas please contact the WebMaster as I'm only his minion and has to do what I'm told. I need creative input! But nooooooooooo, just do what you're told. Any excuse to use the nekkid snap. Mutter, mutter......


Calling All Doppels-Time to Clean Up the Barracks

Time to Clean Up the Barracks Ball
A full week's ball beginning 7 October.
Time to spruce up and repaint the compound. In order for the troopers to enjoy the ball and party away, doppels will be called to action to do the cleaning and painting. Watch as BigBertha, the codedoppels, any version of iccy's doppels and APeel Doopel get out the ladders & brushes, secure the sheds, oil the hinges and hammer back those loosned nails!
Doppels, unite for the good and the glory of the B.I.S. squadron!
Featured song is Me and My Shadow.
I expect all posters to contribute their each and every doppel for the cause. Those with no doppels can help out the other posters' doppels. Carry on!


Guy Fawkes Ball

Guy Fawkes Ball
A one-day ball on 5 November for the sole purpose of having another party with lots of food and drink.
A cornucopia of food and fireworks for this ball!!! crocc to man the hot dog stand . Toffee apples will be made specially by Thelwall. Soups expertly dished out by Ascalon. Baked potatos done by SuperSpudMan (WorldRecordGuy). Nice hot mugs of cider to be handed out by RSMTisonlyme. Wander about the grounds munching and chatting whilst SirGuestie tends the bonfire and snr2 tends to the fireworks.
Featured song is Burning Down the House.


The Holiday Ball

The Holiday Ball
These very special balls run from 26th December 2002 until 2nd January 2003.
Gowns for the ladies, top hat and tails for the men and dress uniforms for the troopers.
Mizzie and Emma again are the hostesses for this much favoured annual ball. Joelsy is to finally do some work and bring in the Yule log with the help of RedBaron and BigBunkler. Huxley will carry the brandy for the expedition in his blue pannier. Konishki will then place it in the hearth.
If you only attend one ball this year, this is THE one.
Featured song is Happy Christmas.


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