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Valentine's Day Doppel Massacre

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"A long line of shadowy figures trudge along the, by now, well worn path. Their heads are bowed, their feet dragging, they've been travelling for days now, without food, water or recs. A chorus of quiet sobs is the only accompaniment to the sound of their shuffling steps. A few yards back from the main group, a straggler. Clearly this was once a doppel of some import, but now his clothes hang off him as rags, his face is drawn, his eyes dry but red and swollen, the clear tracks through the grime bearing the memory of tears that have fallen.
As the dust began to settle on the Valentine's Day Doppel Massacre, he began to wonder if there was any hope for any of them. He'd heard that the place they were all headed for had managed to give shelter and comfort to some of his closest doppel friends. He thought it might be just a story told to comfort the no-star doppels. Just then he heard a shout from the front of the line, and a cheer! He looked up and saw a flag fluttering proudly in the breeze. He recognised it at once, the red, white and blue and purple, gold and black of the B.I.S. They'd made it! With relief he read the sign on the gate 'B.I.S. S.O.D. I.T. Retirement Home for Gentledoppels'. Doppel heaven was real after all!"

Here at the B.I.S. S.O.D. (I.T.) Doppel Retirement Home reception centre we hear stories like this everyday, stories of bravery and courage and and hope. Of course it's not really doppel heaven, it's just a series of shoeboxes piled on top of each other and glued together. But it is still home to the great and the good, and the stupid and the bad of the doppel world. We hope that names such as BigBerthaBIS, LOUDLEE, swimdad, graywackie, DollyTheSheep, Ezlington, AAMilne, JOELSCREAMER, BrotherGnome, QueenBeeII and our very own BISSWebMaster will be comfortable in their final days here. One day we hope to be able to release some of the doppels here back into the community under a scholarship system, but for that we need funds, hard cash. And so we ask you to put any used large denomination notes (bills) you have in a large brown envelope and send them to: Save Our Doppels (Internet Technology), c/o B.I.S. H.Q., Hearts & Minds House, Britopolis, UK. Please mark your envelope "codey's secret Swiss bank account".

See the doppels.

Eternal Flame

Retire your doppel!

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