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The Holiday Ball
Caption Competition Result

Look out for that tree!
First place
Valentimes is declared the winner!

The Best Of The Rest

Memo to Q: Equip that invisible car with a location device.
007 -- Ez

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"Just dropping in to see Ez 's hole he's dug in his allotment!" -- ciggs

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Trust me Bogey, I'll catch you! -- Ez

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Are you sure this is how you play Pat-a-cake Pat-a-cake Baker's Man? -- TK

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There must be an easier way to decorate the BI Christmas Tree. -- emma

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The Holidaye Ball Caption Competition

Quick the fairy is escaping from the top of the tree! -- Shibari

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"Look at me!! I can fl.................
...... aaarrrrggggggghhhhhh!!!"

**THUD!!!** -- codey

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Given the choice of eating Valentimes Haggis, listening to the bagpipes or taking a long walk on a short cliff path Keith chose the latter! -- Ez

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That first step is dreadful. -- emma

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I told Bogey not to drink that bottle of bourbon ! -- Ez

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Yes! There's still time to enter the caption competition if you run! -- codey

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