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Finally!......Caption Competition Result

Check out the winning entry, and the best of the rest! Caption competition result.

Try the 2007 EzNews quiz!

Back by popular demand, for a record breaking 5th year, the Ez News Quiz!

Try The Troopers' Jigsaws

Stretch your mind as some of our troopers set some devilishly difficult puzzles!
If you'd like us to link to your jigsaw gallery contact the webmaster.

Get A New Name!

Have you ever fancied a nice new name? A traditional English name?
Let the B.I.S. use their many years of tea-drinking experience to tailor one to your traits, personality and needs.
Try the English Name Generator.
You'll wonder how you ever got through life without one!

Meet Arnold the Cat, Our Mascot

Arnold, the mascot of the BIS Debut New trooper Military Romance Imma Banana Roll Call

Arnold the B.I.S. guard attack cat, relaxes in the B.I.S. garden.
From his vantage point he can watch the comings and goings at the H.Q. It is sometimes said that all the B.I.S.S.'s secrets are hidden behind Arnold's eyes. Give Arnold a tickle and he might show you his secret places.

Coming Soon....

Still more troopers on parade! So if you're not there yet, there's a good chance that you will be soon.
E-mail us and tell us what you'd like to see.

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TMF British Invasion Message Board
The only place to be in cyber space.
Sadly The US Motley Fool are now a subscription only site, so until we begin our own message boards you won't be able to follow the soap that is the B.I.S. unless you hand over some cash (and not to us even more sadly)

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Cartoons from the burgermeister

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Help with your finances - UK style

Dealing with Debt
The Statement Of Affairs Calculator

The Gimme My Stars Website
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AltaVista's online translation service

Mirriam-Webster's Dictionary
Mirriam-Webster's online dictionary

United Devices
Volunteer your PC to join the fight against cancer.

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